Recruitment & Placement

Systegration Recruitment and Placement Services
  Systegration acts as an employment agency that provides its clients with high-quality information technology employees at the lowest possible cost. Our up-to-date database contains hundreds of IT professionals, ranging from senior-level specialists to junior computer programmers with a broad range of industry experience and skill sets. Our resource pool includes those candidates who prefer the flexibility of projects, and others who are committed senior level professionals.


You can test-drive highly experienced IT and industry professionals before hiring them as full-time employees. Based on your request, we will provide candidates who have extensive experience in the dataprocessing field and/or industry experience and who have demonstrated outstanding progress in the course of our training.


You will interview those candidates and place the best ones to work on your project as contractors through Systegration. Systegration charges very reasonable rates for those contractors, which are well below P consultants' regular rates. You will have an option to hire those contractors who perfectly match your company's on-going needs.


In addition to providing specialists with extensive experience in Information Technology, we offer a unique opportunity to find talented candidates who graduate from our high-quality training programs through ACT, our affiliate company. Please refer to our ACT Web site to find more information on our program and graduates