Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Automated Software Testing
Software Quality Assurance involves auditing the project's products and activities to ensure compliance with applicable procedures and standards in order to ensure that a minimum acceptable level of quality is built into the product to achieve robust levels of reliability, usability, and maintainability…etc.

Today’s corporate information systems have developed into a complex structure of operational and decision support environments running on a mix of software and equipment from many different vendors. Many companies spend large amounts of time and money building complex applications, only to discover that once deployed their system do not meet either sufficient functionality, reliability, and/or performance requirements. A failure to deliver constant availability along with a good user experience will translate into lost customers, lost revenue and lost business.

Can your company afford those risks in today's highly competitive market place? The high visibility of today's applications coupled with the volatility of the Internet make it imperative to conduct both extensive functionality and performance Quality Assurance Testing for both e-commerce and other business processes.

Systegration is a Certified Channel Partner of Mercury Interactive. We can provide our clients with either experienced Q/A Testing personnel, and/or, we can also provide them with high quality cost effective customized Corporate Training tailored to the client’s specific needs. In addition, we only use seasoned instructors with significant Quality Assurance experience.

We are happy to provide our clients with a free consultation regarding these services prior to arranging any of our cost effective Quality Assurance solutions.